Regulatory Compliance.

Regulatory Compliance in Financial Services

The Financial Services industry faces unprecedented regulatory challenges in the coming years.  Many financial services institutions are struggling to improve their ability to respond to regulatory compliance as they seek to recover lost income from traditional revenue streams.  While focusing on the rising demand for customer-centric services, Financial Services entities must respond to regulatory scrutiny, provide accurate reporting on risk exposure, as well as standardize and automate compliance processes.  Ultimately, increasing organizational flexibility will aid financial institutions in responding to these changing regulatory requirements and decrease compliance risk associated with payment and transaction services.

Regulatory compliance requires accurate reporting around risk exposure and capital management.  Organizations need solutions that:

  • Enable financial institutions to measure and manage financial risk, liquidity exposure and compliance to regulations.
  • Address restructured payment operations that comply with regulations and improve reporting and risk transparency around liquidity and embargo checks.
  • Utilize automated compliance monitoring processes and systems to provide visibility into the impact of risks on strategic goals as well as compliance controls for application integrity and security.
  • Provide compliance information lifecycle management, corporate governance and internal control.
  • Prevent, monitor, and investigate fraud due to the lack of timely, actionable intelligence for enterprise-level management

How Sibton Switch Systems can help

Regulatory Compliance, compliance frameworks, and standards have generated an increasing demand for regulatory compliance-related technology and integrated risk management-related technology services for middle-office operations.  Sibton Switch System’s compliance management and compliance services solutions provide regulatory risk management to financial services institutions.  Our compliance and regulatory frameworks encompass technology management and bank compliance that can improve:

  • Risk and regulatory reporting
  • Information security
  • IT governance
  • IT assurance