Project Management.

The world is a global marketplace, complexity and speed are certainties. In such an environment, a good axiom for project management is: do it, do it right, do it right now. Creating clear direction, efficiency, timely response and quality outcomes requires project managers who are agile and experts at change.

Based on the experience of our Mother Company Sibton Communications, we can boast of an experience and skilful Project Management team, Sibton Switch Systems avails internal and on-site qualified project managers who can handle all project management and coordination issues between our team and client contacts.

Sibton Communications together with her partners has combined a special project management team that is experienced in software solutions development, implementation and deployment. A team whose members hold related certificates, and yet shares experiences through each project we execute.

We work with various Software, and provide standard frameworks to manage single project and project portfolios.  We addresses issues such as scope management, allocating resources in matrix environment, calculating times to finish sequential and parallel tasks given their expected completion time and statistical variance, risk management (assessment, quantifying and mitigation/contingency planning), communicating with stakeholders, and others.

See Sibton communications website for projects executed